Employment Application

Chauffeur Responsibilities:

  • Liaising with the company or client to determine when and where you will collect the individual.
  • Ensuring that the client’s door is open as you greet them in a professional, sincere manner.
  • Assisting clients with the loading and unloading of their possessions, as required. Adjusting the air temperature, if required by the client.
  • Selecting the fastest routes based on GPS software and traffic updates, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Completing collections and deliveries on behalf of the client, if requested. Abiding by road regulations at all times.
  • Ensuring that the vehicle remains pristine and in excellent working order.
  • Forecasting and responding to customers’ questions and concerns.

Chauffeur Requirements:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Commercial driver’s license will be advantageous.
  • Licensed to transport passengers via automobile.
  • Proven experience as a chauffeur or taxi driver.
  • Acquainted with GPS software and local traffic reports.
  • Neat appearance.
  • Ability to interact with clients in a warm, professional manner.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work during evenings, on weekends, and on public holidays, as required.

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    Account For All Unemployed Time Since Leave School And Between Position Held

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