TWIC Escort Services Form

TWIC Escort Services Form

AET is authorized and licensed to escort Non-TWIC holders to restricted and secured areas of the Ports in Houston. AET provides 24/7 service by reservation. We can have an escort dispatched within an hour to your location. If you do not have a TWIC card but have business at the Port of Houston Authority facility, AET can provide you with a secured TWIC Escort.

We offer TWIC Escort services to surveyors, freight forwarders, insurance representatives, or exporter/importers who need to examine cargo being loaded or unloaded at the port, as well as truck drivers, and crew members.



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    1. Know the amount you are paying. If you don’t know what amount to pay, please call 281-436-0205 or go to Contact Us to get your fare.
    2. Fill the form and Click “Proceed to Pay”
    3. If you have a PayPal account, log in and pay
    4. If you choose to use a credit/debit card, go to:
      1. β€œYour order summary”
      2. Fill in what you are paying for where it says β€œEnter description”
      3. Fill in the β€œItem price”
      4. Then click on β€œUpdate”
    5. Then go to bottom right and click on β€œDon’t have a PayPal account?”
    6. Fill in information on right
    7. Press β€œreview and continueβ€œ
    A very safe, secure, simple and speedy way to insure your transportation needs. Thank you.